Sheer Jockstraps

If you enjoy extra ventilation on or off the field or court, then the sheer jockstraps at International Jock are sure to spark your interest. These full-support jockstraps come with sheer pouches that let your boys breathe while the rest of you works up a sweat. Use them for extra comfort during your important games or let them do the talking for you when the crowds have all gone home.

The Go Softwear Mesh Jock can safely be called the mother of all sheer jockstraps. This supportive jock comes in black, white or royal blue and uses micro holes to create a barely there transparency in the pouch. If you like to live on the wild side, this is the sheer jockstrap for you. Warning: when the uniform comes off, the fans may rush the field!

Popular Sheer Jockstraps from World-Famous Designers

You might expect the Basixx Sheer Jock to hail from a warmer part of the world, but it's actually our neighbors to the north who gave us Canadian designer Gregg Homme and his red-hot design. This jock features an opaque pouch made of an ultra-soft nylon and spandex blend. Its sheer mesh side panels will keep your temperature from rising or cause a fever in your partner (or both, if you're lucky).

If you lean more towards traditional styles, we've got plenty of jockstraps with the classic design. The Bike Performance Cotton Jockstrap, for instance, offers the standard cut of the athletic supporter in a cutting-edge fabric. The pouch's blend of cotton, nylon and rubber provides superior support with a soft touch.