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Bike Underwear

If you played sports as a child, you're probably familiar with the BIKE brand. The Bike Athletic Company, founded in 1874 as the BIKE Web Company, invented what was then called the jockey strap. It was designed to protect 'bicycle jockeys' who rode over the rough cobblestone streets of Boston. The name was eventually shortened to 'jockstrap' and to many men and boys, it's known by name simply as BIKE.

A top brand in protection and performance gear for men, BIKE is well-known and respected by coaches across the U.S. Over 140 years, BIKE has sold more than 350 million jockstraps, making it number one in locker rooms everywhere. Other locker room staples have come and gone, but BIKE is still the brand most likely to be seen on locker room benches (and floors).

BIKE's jockstraps enjoy a long-standing reputation for excellence in the athletic underwear market. The first word athletes and coaches think of when they describe BIKE is 'protection,' and nothing could be more important than that in a jockstrap. BIKE is a high-quality, athletic collection that has been proven to enhance athletes' performance on the field of play for over 140 years. BIKE is all about advanced athletic protection.

  • Showing all 31 styles