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Model in red gala Calvin Klein Air FX Tech Micro Low Rise Trunk
Calvin Klein Air FX Tech Micro Low Rise Trunk Red Gala
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Calvin Klein Underwear

No examination of contemporary men's underwear would be complete without mentioning the name Calvin Klein underwear. His bold and provocative advertising brought the subject of men's underwear out into the open in the mid-eighties. Calvin Klein's entry to the scene resulted in an explosion of stylish and more creative men's underwear designs. The Calvin Klein underwear line, including Calvin Klein briefs, Calvin Klein boxers, Calvin Klein trunks and Calvin Klein thongs, has now been available for a quarter of a century.

In 1982, Calvin Klein introduced his underwear line, which turned the perception of men's underwear to one of a fashionable item. Underwear was no longer just a practical product; it became one that suggested sex appeal. It also told men that they too can look like male Calvin Klein Underwear models, like Antonio Sabato Jr. and Mark Wahlberg.

Not only a fashion visionary, Calvin Klein has also become known as a marketing genius who changed advertising by continuously pushing the envelope a little further. Calvin Klein underwear campaigns have become notorious, which have not hurt his success in the least. Thanks to Calvin Klein underwear minimalist designs for urban dwellers, provocative advertising, and visionary ideas, Calvin Klein underwear has become an icon.

  • Showing all 79 styles