CockSox Underwear

Based in Sydney, Australia, Cocksox created a name for themselves with their notoriously sexy form-enhancing underwear that leaves little to the imagination. Cocksox describes their underwear as being "a bit like male lingerie," intended as sexy underwear for guys, but it's also popular with male athletes. To appeal more to active men, the Cocksox brand also offers underwear geared toward athletic performance with the name CSX.

Cocksox underwear is made of Supplex, a high-tech, breathable, fast-drying fabric that holds its shape and wicks away moisture, and Lycra, which is super-soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. The defining feature of Cocksox underwear is its specially designed exaggerated pouch that lifts and supports male anatomy to form a greatly enhanced profile. Cocksox's unique pouch design offers the wearer comfort and support without being bulky or constrictive, ideal for extended periods of activity…whatever that might be…so you can look your best when you're wearing your least.