Go Softwear

Since 1996, Go Softwear has been creating men's underwear and swimwear that captures the imaginations of men around the world. To launch his line of underwear, the young designer Greg Olvera took his formidable talent and his initials, GO, and a handful of products that included his now famous padded briefs that became an immediate sensation amongst young and body-conscious men.

Even before the dawn of the era of the metrosexual, Go Softwear has been in large part responsible for the incredible revolution that has been transformed the men's underwear industry over the last few years. Greg invented the men's low-rise brief, an abbreviated style of underwear that was sexy, comfortable and perfect for wearing under today's low-rise jeans.

Some of Go Softwear's newest underwear and swimwear styles include their extensive collection of low-rise briefs in a plethora of vibrant color combinations, a masculine line of military-inspired styles, an environmentally-friendly "green" group made from organically grown cotton and hemp, and a variety of styles featuring big, bold and vibrant graphic prints. Go Softwear has also launched a popular new line of gym and workout gear appropriately called "American Jock."

Since its inception, Go Softwear has continuously been on the cutting edge of men's underwear and swimwear design, creating styles in a wide variety of fabrics, in bold and beautiful colors and with silhouettes created to show of and flatter the male body. Go Softwear's daring approach to men's underwear fashion has established the brand as one of the most popular men's specialty underwear lines in the world. Go Softwear, based in the fashion center of Los Angeles, California, release two swimwear and underwear collections each year, and their popularity continues to soar with each new release.