Junk Underjeans Underwear

Junk Underjeans are designed for you to rock your individuality! Every unique pair of underjeans has been created to complete your wardrobe so you can show your junk with pride! This product is created for your daily wearing comfort and pleasure utilizing the highest quality materials.

Junk Underjeans is the most unique line of men's undergarments in today's fashion world. They call the boxer briefs Underjeans because their design intent is to be worn under your jeans. Like a tee shirt, visible out of the tops of jeans... or after the jeans come off!

Junk Underjeans Underwear: What's under your jeans?

Launched for fall 2009, Junk Underjeans defines what fashion underwear should be, combining the hottest trends and latest manufacturing technologies. Every Junk Underjeans is crafted from the highest quality fabrics and materials to provide you with the most comfortable fit straight from the box.

With 3 distinct lines to choose from, Junk Underjeans offers a style for every personality, whether you're a clean cut executive with attention to style or a regular fixture in the Vegas club scene. Choose from the clean Sleek line, the hip Urban line, or the crazy Rebel line of Junk Underjeans to show your lifestyle.