Nortech Therma Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

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Nortech Therma Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

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Recommended by doctors and school nurses, Nortech's Therma-Kool is a reusable, latex free, non-toxic hot/cold gel pack designed to provide comfortable pain relief for quick, safe and effective first aid. It's safe for use in the freezer and the microwave and stays soft, flexible and conforming when frozen or heated. Convenient to use and ready in minutes with no mess or dripping.

Use Cold: effective first aid and therapy for sprains, headaches, migraines, bruises, minor bleeding, arthritis, blisters and more!

Cold instructions: Keep handy in freezer or refrigerator. Place gel pack in cover and apply for 20 minutes maximum on affected area. Leave off for 20 minutes and repeat procedure. Do not reapply if pack becomes uncomfortable.

Use Hot: effective therapy for relief of body aches, sore muscles, arthritis, stiff joints, sinus pressure, cramps, spasms, pains and more!

Hot instructions: Place room temperature gel pack in microwave for recommended heating time, using chart below. Remove and knead for 1 minute to distriburte heat evenly. Temperature will continue to rise slightly. Place in cover and apply. If additional heat is desired, heat gel pack at 20-second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Or, immerse in very hot water for 5 minutes.

WARNING: Some individuals are sensitive to cold or heat. Avoid direct skin contact. May cause frostbite or burns. Always place Therma-Kool in a soft cloth, sleeve or wrap before applying to skin. Discard if punctured or torn. If gel comes in contact with skin, wash with water.

CAUTION: Handle with care when removing gel pack from heat or cold source. Do not lie or sleep on pack. If pack becomes uncomfortable, remove at once. Individuals with circulatory problems should use only as directed by a physician.

Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Microwave Heating Chart: 600-700 watts: 45 seconds; 750-900 watts: 40 seconds; 900+ watts: 35 seconds
  • Dimensions: 8.5 in x 10.5 in
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • PCP Champion style TK810 5044
  • Item No. 73463