SPANX for Men

SPANX for Men

Gentlemen, start your engines: Spanx For Men have arrived. Ok, we understand that it might not be manly to show your excitement about the grand unveiling. (On the outside, anyway) So you just go right ahead and act nonchalant while we explain to you exactly why it is that you should run out and get yourself some of these incredible shapewear as soon as they hit a store near you.

Just in case you're among the few fellows who still don't know what Spanx are, here's a crash course in the world of shapewear. For over a decade, Spanx has been the number one name in underwear with a purpose. Now that Spanx For Men have hit shelves, those of the male persuasion can enjoy a slimmer silhouette simply by sliding into a specially designed undershirt or tank top.

Spanx Me, I've Been Bad... 

Made of luxurious Egyptian cotton, Spanx For Men are soft, comfortable, and, most importantly, make you look great. No, they won't replace a gym membership or magically infuse a double cheeseburger with calorie burning properties. What they will do, however, is shave inches off of your stomach and waist underneath your daily clothing selection. And that means that whether you're sporting a three piece suit or those comfortably worn-in jeans, you can relax, knowing that you don't have to worry about any love handle issues popping up in all the wrong places.

And in case you're wondering, no; Spanx For Men don't look any different than regular undertees. So basically, they're your little secret.

Guys, it's time to start cashing in on something that the ladies have known all along: when you look good in your clothes, you feel better about yourself. And there's nothing sexier than a dash of self confidence to go along with a faded pair of Levi's.